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windows-explorer crashes

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Hi everybody,

I´ve got a massive problem which keeps annoying me for some time now. That´s windows-explorer crashes.
This is reflected in the fact that all desktop icons - including those in the task bar -  vanish for about three seconds. Then the appear again.

I´ve been looking around the web for a while now and learned that I´m not the only one suffering from that problem. Yet none of the methods I encountered helped me at all. Now I´m at my wit´s end.

What I´ve done up up to now:

1.) sfc /scannow:  everything o.k.
2.) searching for problems with malwarebytes /SuperAntiSpyware:  everthing o.k.
3.) Microsoft windows-tool for removing malicious software:  everything o.k.
4.) hijack this: couldn´t find anything wrong
5.) error reporting executed by WIN-system:  I´ve saved everything in a data file (see attachment)
6.) autoruns: I´ve de-activated shell-extensions of third-party-tools: had no effect whatsoever
7.) I´ve deactivated spybot S&D
8.) I´ve de-installed classic shell

By reading the error report (created by windows) I´ve learned that there were different trouble-event names:
"AppHangB1" and "APPCRASH". One time there was "BEX64".

As error module name there was:
"DEVRTL.dll", "SDECon64.dll", "StackHash_8a21" or "ClassicStartMenuDLL.dll".
"DEVRTL.dll" seems to be the most frequent one.

Funny thing though: Once there were two consecutive days with no crashes at all. But this was an exception. Normally the explorer crashes 2 to 3 times a day.

Perhaps there´s someone who could help me with my problem????

Many thanks in advance.
Rosika   :(
 System: WIN 8.1 update (64bit)

Fehlerbericht zu Windows explorer.txt

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thanks for your answer.


My suggestion is to disable useless add-ons of Internet Explorer


I don´t know if that would do me any good as I use firefox, not IE.

My problem is windows-explorer crashes.


Thanks anyway and have nice day.

Rosika  ^_^

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Hi Xilo,


You´re right. I´ve uninstalled Spybot S&D as well as classic shell.

Up and until now I haven´t applied chkdsk or defragmentation procedures. I´m going to look into them right now.

Thanks for the hint.



Rosika  ;)

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