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Registry backup


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1) They should be in your wise care 365\Backup folder, if you have downloaded the portable version or in the following folder if you installed wise care 365 in your machine:


%appdata%\Wise Care 365\Backup
c:\users\%username%\appdata\roaming\Wise Care 365\Backup
%appdata% = c:\users\%username%\appdata\roaming

%username% = your user name


2) I think the same as regedit, but I'm not totally sure about this. Maybe someone of the WiseCleaner team could clarify better this doubt.

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Wise Care 365 supports two methods to back up registry.
One is full registry backup: it will back up the whole registry, but it needs user to start it manually.
Another is auto-backup, every time a user use wise care 365 to clean registry, wise care 365 will automatically back up those  removed registry items.


wise care 365, Regedit and Erunt:
Same: All of them can back up / restore registry
Difference: Wise Care 365 and Erunt can defragment (optimize/compress) registry, but Regedit cannot do it.
                  Wise care 365 has more friendly and easily interface than Erunt
                  Erunt supports command line to back up registry, but wise care 365 and Regedit cannot.

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Thank you very much for your explanation.

I think I understand it.

I made a  manually registry back-up and it was big (RBK-file19.119 kB)

One little question to be sure that I indeed do understand it completely:

Does this mean that the complete registry will be replaced when I restore a manually made registry backup (the same as Erunt)?




Bert Feenstra

The Netherlands.

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