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Wise Registry Cleaner breaks Windows 8 titles


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This program Wise Registry Cleaner: http://wisecleaner.com/wiseregistrycleanerfree.html seems to remove a registry key or something that causes windows 8 or maybe its 8.1 to make the tiles on the start screen to click but never do anything. and the win+c charms bar will open but you cant go into pc settings or other things either. you can though, push win+d and still goto the desktop and it works. but no tiles/metro items work.

I don't think so.




I just can say that:

- I have noticed two times that the start button and the charms bar was blocked (these past two weeks): I just closed Explorer.exe (from taskbar) and later re-started explorer.exe.

But I don't know if this behaviour is caused by wise programs.

- I had got that problem too, before upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, but I can't say for sure that wise programs were the culprits.

Check this topic: [solved - Risolto - Win8.1] Windows Store non funziona, non si apre, va subito in crash (that shows that I've got the same problem... At the end, I refreshed my machine, and have done the upgrade from 8 to 8.1, that solved all the problems)


Anyway, I'm using the registry cleaner inside WiseCare365 (latest beta version), deep scan, and, like you can see from the screenshot, I can use Windows 8.1 start button, the charms bar and the Tiles/app.

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