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lost all my data which i have hidden in wise folder hider


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i have used wise folder hider software for many times to keep my family albums, videos get secured and protected.it was working well before. but now this time when i installed this software. i hid all my data(almost 8GB) in this software by a password. but today when i gave password, i was surprised to see that there was no folder,,,,,,,just there was nothing in the wise folder hider........ i am very much surprised and shocked, amazed . i am very much disturbed at this loss. plz tell me the easy way to get all my data back//////////plz plz help me,

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Hi bumblebee,

Maybe there are some errors in your disk.

Please try this way:

1, Click Start menu, type cmd.exe in search box, right click it Run as administrator.

2, Type chkdsk c: /f /r and press Enter. (if your lost files are in D: drive, like this chkdsk d: /f /r)

3, When this work finish, run Wise Folder Hider again.

4, If you still cannot find your hidden files, try UCanFixIt suggestion.

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I must say that I'm a bit surprised that you are suggesting the OP run chkdsk "before" trying my recommended solution. Specifically, the solution I offered is a perfect fit for the OPs issue. Moreover, it was written by user "config" who (I assume) works for Wise. Furthermore, your solution could take many hours to run; whereby, config's solution would take a minimal amount of time to execute and it is a perfect fit for the OPs issue. Now, if your recommendation was an exact fit for the OPs issue, I could see where you might recommend doing yours before mine. There is also an issue with forum etiquette here. From my experience, when one contributing member makes a valid suggestion, the next post should start off with someting like:


In addition to UCanFixit's suggestion, you might also consider trying....


Hence forth, I will take the position of being the second or third responder to avoid a repeat of this situation.






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