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How To Improve This Forum - Attention Admins

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This forum is being constantly filled with vague descriptions of problems that can not be understood. This is frustrating because I (personally) am very capable of helping others "if" I understand the real issue. Now, it seems the admins and moderators are really trying to do a good job of helping with the minimal information provided by the OPs; however, most times, the OPs never return to report their success or failure. With that said, I would suggest the following first steps to improve this forum:


1. Create a sticky thread on "how to ask for help in this forum." The "how-to-ask" contents can be developed by one of the admins or they can use this one as a template:


How to ask for help in a forum



2. Delete all current stickies "except" this one:


How to make screenshots and post them here in this forum, either through the forum itself or through Wise PC 1st Aid


IMHO, leaving only the above two will allow the OPs to spot them more easily. Moreoever, the pinned links to the Think Tank and the few previously solved issues should be removed as they are not helpful to most of the posters here.



My background:

I have participated in many help forums around the web over the years and I have recently obtained a guru status in one of the largest help forums on the web. However, I have abandoned helping others in that forum because of the unhealthy competition environment between the members.


Please consider the following changes to improve the structure and quality of the content here.


Thank you,



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I totally concur with UCanFixit's comments.  Most of the posters' reports are far too brief and vague for anyone to be able to diagnose their issues with any degree of accuracy.


I think that I did see comments a few weeks ago about enhancing WiseCare 1st Aid's problem reporting module to ensure that it collects more details.  Seems like most of the very short and vague reports are coming from that app.


Just my two cents.  Have a great day.




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