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Personal message from polly:


hi thank your for your message, i followed your instructions but it didnt make any difference, i have tried several programs that say they solve the problem but none of them have worked, i think i might have to reinstall windows, but not sure how to do it so any help would be appreciated, i am not a young person, been on computers for a long time but do not understand a lot of the tech jargon, hope you can help thank you, sandy.


It is very difficult to help you if you don't post the results, even if they did not have any effects (this is true for any forum)...

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hi i am sorry for not reporting the results of my problems, i am new to the site and not sure as how to use it. i do apologise and will take care to  answer in future , i still cannot update anything and i have followed all the instuctions given  so i am at a loss, as i have said i am not very computer jargon wise, so maybe i didnt follow the instructions as i should have. thank you for trying to help


ps, you asked for a screen shot, i am sorry but i dont know how to do that.. 


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How to make a screenshot, you can view this topic.



Another way, in our keyboard has a key Print Screen

When the update error message pops-up, press Print Screen key, then click Start menu----Accessories---Paint, press Ctrl+V in keyboard, do you see the error message screenshot? Then Save it. Refer the topic to upload this screenshot.

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  Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage  

  Most likely causes:
  • You are not connected to the Internet.
  • The website is encountering problems.
  • There might be a typing error in the address

thank you for your e mail, this is the best i can do, i have uninstaled windows and  re installed dont ask how i did it i dont know..lol. but anyway windows is now updating, but internet exporer is not working as it should, it also shows this ;- INTERNET CANNOT OPEN THE INTERNET SITE HTTP://UK MSN.COM/OCID=IEHP. OPERATION ABORTED.  i was trying to have msn.com as my home page, cant understand why it wont work, as everything went back to factory setting,  computer said explorer wanted updating, tried this but but to no avail, any help would be appreciated. thaks, sandy.

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hi thank you for your reply to be honest i dont understand what you are telling me to do.. i copied and pasted the error message and the other one i typed exactly as it was, so i am not totally at a loss and think i should just invest in a new windows and start all over again.. thank you for all your help. sandy.

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hi i am new to this site but i am hoping that someone can help me, i have been trying for weeks to solve my problem windows will not update anything, keep getting the above error, can anyone advise , do i need to reinstall windows? thank you.


vista 32bit. thanks




This link may help:



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