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To Keep cookies you want


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Hi there,


We are taking an example as Google Chrome Cookies to show you . 

You can do as the following instructions below if you want to keep the cookies you want.


1. If you don't want to delete all your Chrome cookies

run Common Cleaner---Find "Traces in Computer"---click "Surf the Internet"---unmark "Google Chrome Cookies"




2. If you only want to keep some cookies,

run Common Cleaner---Find "Traces in Computer"---click "Surf the Internet"---click the grey arrow ahead of "Google Chrome Cookies"(needn't unmark "Google Chrome Cookies")---right click some cookies---just click "Ignore this item"



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This does not work here.


I want to keep a couple of cookies for my IntExp 10 (under 64bit Win7).


But there is NO grey arrow ahead of "Microsoft IE Cookies" (BTW: Same with Firefox cookies).


See attached snapshot.


How else can I keep certain cookies?




Moreover I use here Google Chrome PORTABLE...and it does not even show the Google Chrome Cookie main entry!


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Ok, thank you. I see.


However this is somehow unusual and umcomfortable.

- Users cannot sort Cookie names to search for a particular Cookie.

- Users cannot sort Cookies by last modified date to find and protect the Cookie which was just created


Does Wise Disk Cleaner remember the selection whitelist or do users have to re-select them every time

they run WDC? That would by terrible annoying to walk always through the Cookie list of approx. 200 Cookies and to

search for 15 to protect.


Can I somehow export the whitelist Cookie list in order to import them on my notebook WDC installation?



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Ok, thank you.


Can I see somewhere which cookires are currently set on "ignore" mode?


Can I backup/export list of currently ignored Cookies (and import them e.g. on the Wise Disk Cleaner installation on my Notebook)?


How can I later de-ignore Cookies?



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