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WisePluginManager feature requests, bug reports, updated translations

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Very good program!But,


Only in "Google Chrome" tab names of all plug-ins are displayed in unreadable encoding (in other normally and Russian and English)
  Please do view the information about the plugin or the plugin home page, I see the name of one of the plugins (fierfox) and information about it in Arabic and do not understand)


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I installed Wise Plugin Mgr Beta 1.01.49 after downloading it from the Wise Cleaner website.  Here are my initial comments with respect to only Firefox

Currently running Firefox 30.0 on Windows 8.1 Update


1.  Have four separate categories.  One for Extensions, one for Plugins, one for Appearance and one for Services with a Category Header for each
2.  Show the version number after the Extension, Plugin, Theme (Appearance)
3.  Make sure names in PlugIn Mgr match those names in Firefox

I have these Extensions but they did not show up Wise Plugin Mgr
1. Adblock Plus - This could be the one in Arabic? (see below)
2. Cuty URL Shortner aka CutyFox
3. Padlock - This could be Null  (see below)
4. Session Mgr - This could be Gastor de sessions (see below)

I have this Plugin but it did not show up in Wise Plugin Mgr
1.  Microsoft Silverlight - This could be Ag Player. (see below)

These items showed up in Wise Plugin Mgr but I do have them in Firefox.  Note comments
1. Gastor de sessions -  This could be Session Mgr (see above)
2. Ag Player - This could be Silverlight (see above)
3. One in Arabic I can not read see links below This could be Adblock Plus (see above)


4. Null ??? Description is in German - This could be Padlock Mgr (see above)


That is all for now

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What's the latest on this program. Is this in Wise Care 365 Pro V3.16. Looks like it should be added to it or be able to launch it? I have it installed and checking to see what's I have as plugins. Looks good though thanks in advance.

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Hey guys,


Wise Plugin Manager has been released a new version v1.02

. Added classification to plugins, add-ons and extensions.

. Fixed some known issues.

OS: W8.1 updated


Just checked Firefox since I rarely use IE and don't have Chrome installed.


Just two issues


1. Silverlight plugin still is named Ag Player in Wise Plugin Manager but other than that everything else; i.e.Extensions and Plugins match up by name with Firefox.


2. I have Firefox set as my default browser.  However WPIM says 'Set as default browser'  WPIM should be able to identify if a browser is set as default which it appears not to.   When a browser is set to default WPIM should say 'Default browser'  For all other browsers is should say "Set as default browser'


One other comment. I have one extension disabled and WPIM properly identifies it as disabled.

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