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Wisecare365 Pro.. Error Message


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I just upgraded to the 365 Pro, I've been using the free version for some time.  I have suddenly been getting an error message reading       "Access Violation of Address 03575C93.  Write of Address 66C8E88D. "  Does anyone know what this is?  It doesn't seem to have stopped the program or anything, but its popped up like 5 times already.

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I'm resuming this topic because I had an error when I've upgraded from free to pro (portable version, Win8.1 x64) few weeks ago... I can't remember exactly the error, but it was probably the same one of gren68 (probably different addresses...).

I "solved" (?) it opening task manager and closing wisecare365.exe.

I haven't got that error anymore, since that day.


Did someone else get the same error during the upgrade?

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