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Wise Care 365 always come recommended by me to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL ALBERTSVOICE TECH. But I've notice this software isn't cleaning everything either way I run it still the same results Cortex cleans out junk files from game folders like WOTB, STO ASPHALT 9  etc..  Why can Wise crew make this happen for Wise Care 365? At the time  I didn't install the latest version of Wise Care 365.  



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Thanks for your feedback.

Well, we have received similar feedback many times. First of all, Wise Care 365 is not the same as other system cleaner tools. Different cleaning tools have different rules. So, when you use 2 different products to compare, you can't fully expect the results of the 2 to be exactly the same. 

Have you tried cleaning with Cortex first and then running a Wise Care 365 scan? Can Wise Caarae 365 still find junk files that can be cleaned up?

Of course, we will also test to see what the specific differences between Wise Care 365 and Cortex are.

Thanks again

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No what I was saying was that it cleans a certain area where this program you have here doesn't. If you could implement that features would be great. I use to beta test here for you a few years back. I highly recommend your product on my ALBERTSVOICE TECH channel. Listen there isn't anything like your program out there. All the other programs cause damage to the system files. Yours doesn't. There are some features in your Wise Care 365 that are missing and would be nice if they can be added. 

#1 WinSocket Data Files- This can get corrupted

#2 USB Unplugged Data Files - This can lead to all sorts of issue when reconnected devices to the USB ports. 

 #3 Dialog Box Position Remembered - This is another issue I see must be a way to fix this using your program




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I tried to install razer cortex, installed, tried the program right now and I found these problems:

  1. There is not a portable edition.

  2. The installer requires an internet connection, i.e. I have to disable the firewall (or I should have created a rule for it).

  3. I can not modify the installation path: it's just c:\program files (x86)\razer or nothing.

  4. After its start, he asked my razer credentials (that I don't have).

  5. There are advertisements.

  6. It does not show you the results clearly.

  7. It does not allow you to export the results to a file.

  8. It allows you to select backup files; it finds 195 283 files (most are in c:\windows\servicing\LCU). I am not going to let him delete all those files, without seeing them first.

  9. I was going to uninstall it and it offered an update: couldn't it install the updated program right away?


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