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wise registry cleaner and lower internet connection


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I think wise registry cleaner optimization had made my internet connection slower because when I use fast.com or speedtest.net to test my internet speed I get 300 mb UP and if I boot to a live cd like ubuntu or hiren bootcd I got a result of 980mb.

How can I reverse back to default the wise registry cleaner free optimisation ?

I don't have backups before the optimisation and when I click default settings only the TTL optimisation was desabled.

How can I desable all optimisation? does the pro version allows it ? 

Am I forced to reinstall windows from scratch ? 


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On 5/9/2020 at 9:49 AM, Tib said:

Thanks, it works, I've been able to deable all the tuneup but my internet connexion is still slow (300 mega and not 1 gigabit) 


You ought to check your ISP webpage and then check what values they declare.

As an example, my ISP says "VELOCITÀ CONNESSIONE INTERNET Download fino a 1 Giga. Upload fino a 300 mega FTTH" ("internet speed" up to 1Gbit/s in downstream, up to 300Mbit/s in upstream - with fiber optics inside the house FTTH).


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