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wise anti malware doesn't work properly

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☺️Hi ! Is somebody  has any idea why the feature  ''malware detection'' is not working. I get the following message when attempting to open it, be

?''ENGINE SERVICE DOESN'T WORK ..''. ?Trying to solve the problem i did reinstall the program , plus reboot my device (labtop) , but it did not fix anything. ?Thanks to all for any  suggestion. Have a nice day.

AVIS_MESS_LE MOTEUR N'EXITE PAS...2018-12-18_104143.jpg

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It seems now it works also for me, finally.

There are still some small problems:

- Main window: when I click on the taskbar icon, the main window appears. But then I can't minimize it with another click, i.e. the main window remains visible.

- Quick check: it still searches privacy risks, temporary files, browser caches, registry entries, even after I excluded them from settings - quick check. (But it worked after I closed and reopened the main window).

But after a reboot, the settings are forgotten by the program.

- Quick check (before the check, using Ita): When I change language from Ita to Eng, "last system scan" and "last database update" remain in Ita.

- Quick check: "last system scan" isn't updated to the last scan (it says 27 May 2018)

- Quick check (after the  check, using Ita): I change language and the string "controllo terminato" isn't translated ("checkup has finished").

- Quick check (after the check, using ita): If I change the language, Ita to Eng, the entries remain in Eng until I pass the mouse over them.

- Tray icon: The entries remain always in the same language in which I start the program.

If I start in Eng and switch to Ita, the entries will be in Eng.


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