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The "NEW" Utilities in the Utilities Sidebar


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The other day I decided to try the Program Uninstaller in the Utilities Sidebar over on the right of WC 365.  I figured if it worked exactly as the standalone version, I'd naturally delete the standalone version from my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive as I would of course no longer need it.  No use having the same app twice in my Flash Drive apps arsenal.


Well, if I deciphered correctly what then happened ... I believe Program Uninstaller proceeded to be downloaded.  I aborted the download because [A]  I already have a Wise Program Uninstaller.    I have Dial Up Internet and didn't expect to be downloading anything at that time.


QUESTION #1:  Do ALL of those "NEW" utilities in the Utilities Sidebar need to first be downloaded before being able to be used?


QUESTION #2:  Will these "NEW" utilities eventually be incorporated into Wise Care 365 in a future version?  If so, how many versions from the current version?  One?  Two?  You know ... so they wouldn't have to first be downloaded and installed.


In other words, I'm hoping to get to the point to where Wise Care 365 covers ALL the bases and functions of ALL the current Wise standalone products that I use.  I like to operate lean & mean.  So the less standalone Wise apps that I'd have to have installed in my PA.com platform and have WC 365 cover all those functions ... the better.  Especially given that right now I haven't even seen a portable version of Wise Force Deleter.

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Oh well, I guess we can't have everything.  If that's the way it's gonna be, that's the way it's gonna be.
I'll just have to still carry the standalone Wise Program Uninstaller in my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive.


I also carry Wise Video Downloader, but of course, that's not exactly an app of the type that would ever be incorporated into Wise Care 365.  :lol:

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Thanks, xilolee


Hey Chim,

Now, wise care 365 installation file is only 7.98MB, if we integrate wise program uninstaller, the size will rise to 10 MB, if we add all other wise utilities into wise care 365, the size will very bigger. And the most important thing, does user need all utilities?

So, we let user to choose which tool he want.

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Yeah, WiseCleaner_Admin ... you have a point.  It's best to leave it be as is from the standpoint of keeping the footprint size down. 


When it comes down to it, realistically I'll really only use the Registry Cleaner and the Common Cleaner functions from Wise Care 365 on a super regular basis.


I went ahead and let Wise Care 365 download and install Wise Force Deleter so that I can try it out the next time that I have a situation that requires it.

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