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[BUG WinServer2012] Registry cleaner crash file association

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Thanks xilolee

-> I restored all backup  and it restored the file association and everything is back to normal !


BTW just to let you know that the Windows 2012 activation was OK before the WRC action

with the file association lost, the windows activation was lost as well !?

with the back up restoration -> activation was restored as well !!


Thanks again Xilolee


Btw, usually I do not have any issue...






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I'll report this topic to WiseCleaner_Admin, maybe they can prevent this problem in the future.

It could be useful if you could show/send them your registry backups (i.e., only the little backups after you used the program, and not your entire registry backup).


Mail: support AT wisecleaner DOT com

You could try also bugs AT wisecleaner DOT com, but I'm not totally sure if this last email address will work.

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