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Portuguese (Portugal) translation

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Hey Luis Neves,

Thanks very much.


A user email to us, he said there were some incorrect translation in Portuguese.

His message is below:

As palavras "Registo" e "Registado" estão escritas de maneira incorreta. As palavras corretas são "Registro" e "Registrado", respectivamente. É comum em programas com vírus a presença de palavras escritas incorretamente em português, o que poderia causar alguma desconfiança com respeito a este programa.


How do you think about it?

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The email you have received is, perahps, from a brazilian citzen or from a guy that is joking.

In fact, the words 'Registro' and 'Registrado' are used in the brazilian portuguese language and are included in the brazilian translation of WiseCare.

If it is a brazilian user it's better to use the brazilian portuguese translation.

The reference to virus related to incorrect portuguese words in the app is a complete nonsense!

Never mind! :)


Luis Neves

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