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Differences between WCare365 3.9.2 and WDiskCleaner 8.85 (most current versions)


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Hi guys!
I've just noticed there are differences using WCare365-common cleaner, WCare365-PC checkup and WDiskCleaner-common cleaner.
I did a scan/clean with the first, and soon after that I did two other scans with the other two functions.
It seems WCare365-PC checkup finds more items than WCare365-common cleaner (although they have got the same exclusions).
It also seems WDiskCleaner-common cleaner finds more items than WCare365-PC checkup (although they have got the same exclusions... I had to modify WDC exclusions.dat manually, but I did it), and obviously it finds more items then WCare365-common cleaner.
I always thought WDiskCleaner was included in WCare365, but this confirm they don't find the same items.
I hope to have explained well my doubts.
Does it exist an explanation?
Is there a method to check what files have been found with WCare365-PC checkup, since they appear after common cleaner has been used?
I noticed they are 10, and I excluded 10 files: does WCare365-PC checkup skip the exclusions I made (carefully)?

Thanks in advance.

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