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[WiseSystemMonitor-WSM] Error during (re)installation


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During (re)installation of WSM, I got the error:



An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file:

DeleteFile failed; code 5.

Access is denied.

Click retry to try again, ignore to skip this file (not recommended), or abort to cancel installation.

The same happened after I started the installer as an administrator.

IIRC, I got the same error the previous time (when WSM had been updated).

That file isn't deletable, I tried to "take own" of it, changing permissions, rename it and then delete.

(This time) I used SAS (superantispyware) superdelete file removal to delete it.

Now the (re)installation works (Yes, I've re-tried).


Could this problem be due to the changing of operating system from windows 8.1 to windows 10?

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