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Recover Hiden Folder


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Hi, im a user of your product Wise Folder Hider for quite some time since i use windows 8, and continue using it after upgrading my OS to Windows 10.


The problem is, after I reset my Windows 10 because of some RAM problems (and without formatting the drive, just plain reset), I cant see my folder that I hid using your product.


I want to ask for your advice if I install Wise Folder Hider again now, could I recover the hidden folder?


Thank you in advance

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Hey Василий,


Была открыта папка,.после сбоя системы компьютер перезагрузился  , я вошел но папка исчезла 



It opened the folder, after a system crash the computer restarts, but I came in a folder disappeared.


Please check the root directory. E.g., if the folder was in D:\xxx\xxxx\, then please check D:\

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Original report by doorman:



My system is Win7 64bit.


On my WiseFolder Hider program, a folder went missing.

My system had just updated a windows update, and my WiseFolder wouldn't close, saying some thing was still open, even though every thing was closed.

After restart, my hidden folder was missing.

I have down loaded your recovery tool, but it was useless.

I tried using your RAR suggestion, equally useless, I updated to latest version, still useless, and alarmingly, windows restore won't work, because it can not access a folder, which I suspect, is the hidden folder.


Please help me, as I suspect I have more serious problems because the hidden folder is stopping system restore.

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