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[WiseFolderHider] After install new ver, then my DISK gone!!!

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First, forgive my poor english...


Below, I've read a topic 

[big Problem] After uninstall old ver, install new ver, then my folders gone!!!


A similar problem happened to me.

But not same exactly..

His problem is FOLDER, and my problem is DISK!!


I didn't uninstall old ver...

Simply I installed new ver, and after rebooting, I cannot find my DISK which the hidden folders are in..

Yes, I am a fool...... T.T


My Windows 7 does NOT recognize a DISK itself, NOT FOLDER, NOT FILES...


I seperated that disk from my computer, and attached another computer...

But the DISK was not recognized...


Excel files in two hidden folders are very important for me...


What do I do...???

Plz help... please...


My OS is Windows 7 for Korean. because I am a Korean... of course, South...



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Thank you for your feed back.

1, Please tell me the number of old version and new version. (update from V x.x to V x.x)

2, Open Windows Disk Management, how many disks can you see? Does the list contain your lost disk? Please send me a image.

    (How to open Disk Management, right click on Computer -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management)

3, When you installed the new version to overwrite the old one, did you ever open it to check your hidden files? or, did you hide a new files?

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Thank you for your reply... I waited so much.. T.T


1. I don't know exactly...

    But the new version is maybe 3.21 95 and old version is just previous version... I think...


2. I already opened Windows Disk Management, and checked out whether the disk is there... No, I can't see it...

    My Windows-7 is for korean, so I concerning you can't read korean characters...


3. I executed WFH very frequently... almost everyday...

    But the day I overwritten new version, I did't open WFH, and I didn't hide any folder or files that day...

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Wow... I uploaded the image file... Thank you, xilolee!


but maybe you cannot read the language in this image.


"디스크" in korean is "disk" in english.


You can see 디스크 0 (C:), 디스크 1 (D:) and CD-ROM 0 (E:).


But before the problem occurs, there was one more HDD(디스크 2).

It was E: drive, and CD-ROM 0 was F: drive.


My system can not recognize the HDD(E:) whick the hidden folders are in.


Please help me to recover the EXCEL files.... T.T

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To recover the hidden files, we should find the disk firstly.

1, Is the E drive a removable disk? Use USB port to connect computer? Does it need additional power or not?

   If it needs additional power, please check whether the power port  works well.

   If it needs additional power, please check whether the power port  works well.  If it just use the USB port as power, please change another port, the PC rear usb port.

2, If the E drive is a inside disk, please open the PC box, change the data line and power line.

3, When you start PC, please put your hand on the disk, can you feel the disk is running?

4, Please enter the BIOS settings. (you can refer this page to learn how to enter bios: http://www.wikihow.com/Enter-BIOS, or google search it.)

    When you enter BIOS, in Standard CMOS Features tab, can you see the disk? 

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Thank you for Administrator, above..

But the problem still going on..


1. Originally I have 4 disks.

RevuAhn SSD 250GB (C:), WesternDigital HDD 500GB (D:), Seagate Barracuda HDD 500GB (E:), and DVD-ROM Drive (F:).

The disk in problem is Seagate 500GB HDD. It is inside disk.


After problem occurs, my computer cannot recognize Seagate HDD.

So, E: drive is DVD-ROM and F: does not appear in either Disk Management window or Explorer window.


2. I changed the power line and data line, then I pushed power button.

Wow... the disk in problem vibrating for a while... but... stoped soon.

Accurately, vibration stoped when my screen displays below.


INTEL logo

BIOS Settings: <F2>

Boot Menu: <F10>


3. I entered BIOS settings.

F2 -> Advanced -> Drive Configuration

and I can see below...


SATA Port 0: RevuAhn_850X1S (256.0GB)


SATA Port 2: [Not Installed]

SATA Port 3: [Not Installed]


So... my computer does not recognize Seagate HDD.


I think... WFH updating without unhiding hidden folders, caused this problem.

I am a fool, definitely... T.T



Fast reply, I hope, please...

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very sorry for delay.

You said "the disk in problem vibrating for a while... but... stopped soon", can you feel the disk was becoming warm?

Please try another NEW data line and SATA port. If the Western Digital HDD works well, use its data line and port.

If it doesn't work, I suggest you to do a professional disk checking. 

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Thank you, Administrator in above.


When I say "the disk in problem vibrating for a while.. but... stopped soon", I used the data line and power line of WD HDD's.


Finally... my Seagate HDD has gone!

I decided to use not WFH but another way to hide or lock from others.


I think, when I try to install WFH, it must warn me that

"WARNING! If you install new version without unhiding files or folders in old version, you may lost your disk"



Because I installed FREE version under my responsibility, that's my fault.

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Very sorry for your lost disk.

But, wise folder hider is just a file/folder manager, it couldn't harm physical disk.

How does wise folder hider work? First, wise folder hider create a special folder in your E drive (if you want to hide a file in D drive, the special folder will be created in D drive), then wise folder hider will move the file you want to hide to the special folder.

If create new folder and move file will damaged disk, is it possible?


Please do a full checking for the disk then you will see whether wise folder hider caused the issue.

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