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    iapedJet reacted to jgt1942 in Does WC 365 Pro alter MS Word recent list   
    For several months my MS 2013 Word recent list and pinned list keep disappearing. Does WC 365 Pro alter the list? Often when I do have a recent list section some of the documents I have not opened in years. I've been trying to determine what application is at fault but so far I cannot determine what is altering the list(s). I'm running Win 8.1 x64 PRO and WC 365 Pro 3.8.2.
    I just attempted to paste the two keys in the post but it will not. I've got the two keys in the clipboard, I right-click, select Paste but nothing is pasted. If I go to another webpage that has a form that I can complete I can past the keys in the form thus the issue seems to be with the WC forum? Or am I doing something wrong? As a workaround I entered XXX and then used the replace function, the keys follow-
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\Place MRU .
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\File MRU
    The past ICON in the topic window does not work for me.
    I was using IE as the browser, I just tried the past function using Chrome and it worked. Normally I use Chrome but when I clicked on the W icon in WC it opened IE rather than my default browser. 
    I just checked the Exclusion list in WC and I see that Office has been excluded, based on this WC should not be modifying anything in office. Following is the exclusion.
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    iapedJet reacted to Wise_EPL in Assistance Removed from WiseCare 365   
    Why was the "Assistance" button removed from WiseCare 365? Will I still get notifications on my desktop from Euask?
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    iapedJet reacted to payne in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    I am happy to help ..The program shows very well and does a good job, in addition to the advice already given memory improvement in cleaning the junk files and registry and repair missing DLL,for future projects do not recommend to integrate a spyware scanning as do many super utility, I find it useless and superficial
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    iapedJet reacted to spacearea51 in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    when is the program going to be able to detect solid state drives
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    iapedJet reacted to Chim in The "NEW" Utilities in the Utilities Sidebar   
    The other day I decided to try the Program Uninstaller in the Utilities Sidebar over on the right of WC 365.  I figured if it worked exactly as the standalone version, I'd naturally delete the standalone version from my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive as I would of course no longer need it.  No use having the same app twice in my Flash Drive apps arsenal.
    Well, if I deciphered correctly what then happened ... I believe Program Uninstaller proceeded to be downloaded.  I aborted the download because [A]  I already have a Wise Program Uninstaller.    I have Dial Up Internet and didn't expect to be downloading anything at that time.
    QUESTION #1:  Do ALL of those "NEW" utilities in the Utilities Sidebar need to first be downloaded before being able to be used?
    QUESTION #2:  Will these "NEW" utilities eventually be incorporated into Wise Care 365 in a future version?  If so, how many versions from the current version?  One?  Two?  You know ... so they wouldn't have to first be downloaded and installed.
    In other words, I'm hoping to get to the point to where Wise Care 365 covers ALL the bases and functions of ALL the current Wise standalone products that I use.  I like to operate lean & mean.  So the less standalone Wise apps that I'd have to have installed in my PA.com platform and have WC 365 cover all those functions ... the better.  Especially given that right now I haven't even seen a portable version of Wise Force Deleter.
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    iapedJet reacted to devman in Wise Care Reports Incorrect CPU%   
    I recently installed Wise Care.  I am concerned that it consistently reports a CPU utilization percentage that is much higher than Windows 7 Task Manager reports.
    I watched Task Manager for several minutes and the CPU% varied from 35% down to 22%.  With no applications open, not connected to the internet, and no activity for at least 2 minutes, Task Manager stayed at 24% (only one SVCHOST active) and Wise Care stayed at 52%.
    That seems like a rather large variance.
    Can anybody explain the difference.
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    iapedJet reacted to Chim in Wise Care 365 vs. Wise Registry Cleaner   
    So what's the deal with Wise Care 365?  Does it by any chance require, only work on very fast and powerful computers?  Is there a minimum Processor that a computer must have in order for Wise Care 365 to work properly?
    Last year when I first tried Wise Care 365, it was on my old Dell GX280 Small Form Factor with only a Pentium 4 processor and either 1 or 2 Gig of RAM running Windows XP Home SP3.  As I recall, as soon as I would try the Registry Cleaner function, my GX280's CPU fan would quickly start spinning at top speed, sounding like a helicopter.  And the scanning would immediately go into a snail's pace crawl to the point that I would quickly have to abort.  Yet, the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner (PortableApps.com version) would scan quickly, without a problem and without remotely making my GX280 break a sweat.
    Now that I have a Dell Optiplex 780 with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4 Gig of RAM running Windows XP Pro SP3, the other day I again decided to give Wise Care 365 another shot.  This computer being a much more powerful and quieter computer, the CPU fan does not go into top speed helicopter mode when running a scan with the Registry Cleaner function.  But, the scan does take a noticeably, undeniably LONG time at 4 minutes and 35 seconds!  That while the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner took all of 13 seconds ... and found the SAME 41 items that it took Wise Care 365's Registry Cleaner function 4 minutes and 35 seconds to find.    
    So what's going on?
    (1)  Is Wise Care 365 not meant for older, weak Pentium era computers with Windows XP?
    (2)  Why does the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function take wayyy longer to complete a scan vs. the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner ... while finding the same amount of items?  From what I see, I'm tempted to reason that maybe it's that the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function is wayyy more thorough than the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner ... even though ultimately the same amount of items are found by both.  Because it's not like the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function is scanning at a crawl on my Dell Optiplex 780.  No.  I see that it's actually scanning very speedily.  It appears to be checking a lot of something.  Unless it's an optical illusion, I'm tempted to think that the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function scans a ton more Registry Entries than the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner.  I just keep going back to that in the end, ultimately both apps find the same amount of items.  Odd.      
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    iapedJet reacted to WiseCleaner in Windows 10 & Wisecleaner Software incompatible?   
    Hi All,
    Recently, we got some feedback about Wise Care 365, Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner can't be
    compatible with Windows 10. Have you also encountered the same issue? If yes, please help us to know it clearly
    with your screenshots and detailed steps.
    In return, we will free send you a license key of any our paid product (Wise Care 365 Pro, Wise Folder Hider Pro, Wise Video Converter). And the type of the key is from 3 months to 1 year according to your feedback. If you are the paid users,
    we would like to extend the using time of your license key.
    You can write to [email protected] or leave a message here.
    Looking forward to your feedback, thanks in advance  
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    iapedJet reacted to Godmcgarvey in Restore - Newbie question   
    I notice the Wise365 backups all deletions which is a good thing.
    What I can't find is a way to limit the number of backups?
    Does it rely on manual deletion and if I don't will my HD become full with backed up data eventually?
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    iapedJet reacted to denny1937 in Free Version always says Chrome running   
    I use the free version of Wise Care 365 V 4.62 Recently when running it I get a message that states" Google Chrome is running, do you want to close it", even if Chrome is not active. I have tried rebooting the computer to make sure Chrome is not "ON". I have used task manager to look for an active Chrome. Still, everytime I run Wise care I get the message. I have uninstalled the wise care software, and reloaded a freash copy from the web site, still get chrome message.
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    iapedJet reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Care 365 vs. Wise Registry Cleaner   
    Hey Chim,
    WiseCleaner doesn't support Maxthon Browser, maybe we will add it in future.
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    iapedJet reacted to WDCF in "world's fastest scanner cleaner" ha!   
    it took the slimming scan to create restore point 185secs..and then it cleared. the claim of it being fastest scanner probaley reserved for pc's that have higher capacity hdd or something.  
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