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  1. Please follpw the screenshot below to solve your issue. Control panel--- System and Scurity--- Windows update----Change settings----choose the recommended item Thank you for supporting software.
  2. Your keyboard is broken , you can change a keyboard. Thank you for supporting our software.
  3. What is your configuration of your PC? For Windows XP First of all, you need to make sure that the MSCONFIG program is still present on your drive. Surprisingly, the odd thing about MSConfig.exe is it’s not located in either of the 2 most obvious directories of C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 on Windows XP, which is where the other system utilities are found. In Windows XP MSConfig.exe is stored in the following location: C:\Windows\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\MSConfig.exe Go to C:\Windows\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\ and check if the MSConfig.exe file is there or not. If it’s not there, you can copy it from another computer to the Binaries folder or if you only have a Windows XP CD, open a command prompt window, insert your XP CD into the drive and enter the following command: (assuming D is your CD drive and C is where your Windows is installed) That should restore MSConfig.exe to your Windows install. If you do not have access to another computer or the XP installation CD, you can download MSConfig.exe from below. EXPAND -R D:\I386\MSCONFIG.EX_ C:\WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\BINARIES Download MsConfig.exe for XP If the executable is already there and you still can’t launch MSCONFIG from the Run command, then the reference to the path within the registry may be wrong. Check this location in the registry: In the right pane, next to Default, it should show: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\MSCONFIG.EXE C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\MSConfig.exe If the the path is not correct, simply change it to what is shown above. If you are not familiar in editing the Windows registry, you can just download and run this registry fix file. Download MsConfig Registry Fix Once you have both MSConfig.exe file in your computer and the registry path is set correctly, you shouldn’t have problems running msconfig command from Run. For Windows Vista and 7 In Windows Vista and 7 MSConfig.exe is located in the more common system location you might be expecting: If you can’t find it in the System32 folder, a search in the C:\Windows\WinSXS folder should provide a backup MSConfig.exe which you can copy back over to the System32 folder. If it’s not there either, you will either have to extract it from a Windows install DVD, or you can download the MSConfig.exe file for Windows Vista or 7 from the links below. C:\Windows\System32\MSConfig.exe Download MsConfig for Windows Vista 32-bit | for Windows Vista 64-bit Download MsConfig for Windows 7 32-bit | for Windows 7 64-bit If you want to get the file from your Windows install DVD, using an archiver such as 7-Zip, go to the Sources folder on the disc and open the Install.wim file. Inside are some numbered folders, simply go into any one of them and navigate to Windows\System32 and extract the MSConfig.exe to your System32 folder. If you have a recovery image or partition, there should also be a wim file which likely holds a copy of the file. As MSConfig.exe in Vista and 7 is already located in the default system path, there isn’t a possible bad entry for it in the registry like there is in XP.
  4. Hi giov, This situation has nothing to do with your computer, it is just because the https encryption certificate of the website you were trying to visit is invalid and not being trusted. So you can not visit this site. Thank you for supporting our software. Any further question, feel free to contact us.
  5. Whether or not your situation is : you have chosen User Login Interface,then you choose your login name , enter the password,then your computer will freeze?? Thank you for your information.
  6. Please follow the screenshot below to solve your issue. Control panel--system and Security---Action center ----click "turn on now" as indicated in the picture below. Control panel--- System and Security--- Windows update----Change settings----choose the recommended item. Thanks for supporting our software.
  7. Please just solve the issue with the last item listed in Wise PC 1stAid. Thank you for supporting our software.
  8. Please tell us the original description of the 'message" you got for us to solve this issue for you, if this message is too long, you also can send a picture about the message. Thank you for your information.
  9. Hi Heavymetalman, This is because this folder or file is being occupied by system or running programs. 1. If you open this file and found nothing, then this file has hiding property. 2. Another situation, this file/folder is a corrupted file with virus.
  10. Hi Heavymetalman, Please try to fix this problem with the seventh item in Wise PC 1stAid. Please see attached Thank you for supporting our software.
  11. Hi JP, Your suggestion has been summitted to the tech team of Wise. Thank you for all your support, we really appreciate for your help. Have a wonderful day! April
  12. Hi JP, It should be this item which is missing. "IconDesc=Unusual display of desktop icons, Texts without image,etc." Or you can re-download Wise PC 1stAid, we have fixed this mistake. http://www.wisecleaner.com/soft/WPCASetup.exe Thank you very much for your excellent work, we really appreciate for your help. Have a wonderful day! April
  13. Dear user, Thank you for your suggestion,we will consider about this. Have a nice day. Regards, April
  14. JP is right, you can try that way. Thank you for supporting our software.
  15. Hi JP, Thank you very much for your great idea, we will consider it. Thank you very much for your support as always. Have a wonderful day!
  16. Hi JP, We may consider to develop compression software. As regards to other programs, we haven't plan to develop them yet so far. Thank you for your ideas.
  17. Please do not doubt the performance of Wise Registry Cleaner, let me tell you why. The scanning speed of Wise Registry Cleaner depends on the size of your registry, the more registry your PC has, the slower the scanning speed will be. About the fast cleaning speed, for example, there are altogether 10000 registry items, so Wise Registry Cleaner will scan 10000 registry, so the scanning speed is slow, while it only needs to delete 40 items, thus the cleaning speed is fast. Just rest assured to use Wise Registry Cleaner my dear users. Have a wonderful day!
  18. Hi JP Great! I think so. Hope you are in a good mood everyday! Enjoy your holiday!
  19. Dear JP, Smart idea! You always have soooooo many good ideas! This new program you advised is already on our schedule. We will work hard on it. Thanks a lot. Keep on making good suggestions. Happy everyday! By the way, how is your holiday?
  20. http://www.wisecleaner.com/tools/WJSSetup_message.exe Please download the special version of Wise Jet Research to test whether or not WJS has scanned your C drive from the link above. This special version will inform you that “search for drive x done”after each scan of each drive by poping up a window. If “search for drive C done” pops up, it means Wise Jet Research will scan your C drive. Could you please test it and tell me the results? Thank you for your cooperation.
  21. Congratulations!! Of course, we can provide you 15 licence keys to celebrate your two years anniversary. While, can you tell us how do you intend to give out to your users? Please let us know.
  22. A new function was added into Wise Care 365, that is file shredder in context menu. It is very concenient, with the file shredder in the context menu, we can shred a file easily. 3`Z2FNJ2DB.jpg]
  23. Yes,it will come to an end at that position if you press the 'stop' button. This situation is normal, because Disk Eraser will remove files that have been deleted and also will override them in case some data recovery will recover these deleted files. So it will takes a little longer time. The time consumption also has something to do with the spaces you want to erase and also the security level at the bottom you have chosen. So make sure you have spare time to erase your disks. Any other questions,feel free to tell us.
  24. Thanks very much for your kindly suggestions, we will consider them all.
  25. You are welcome. Free free to contact us if you have any other questions or suggestions. Thank you for your support.
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