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  1. Whenever I reboot my laptop, or start it afresh, I get this message on a black screen... Boot From AHCI CD-ROM : And, then I have to stop my computer, restart it & push F4 to start Samsung Restore & choose BASIC RESTORE -- which gets me into Windows... How do I fix this problem, once & for all time? Thanks, Rev. Gordon Zeller, MDiv
  2. Whevenever I boot up my Windows 7 laptop, I get a black screen with a message that refers to booting up from some drive -- instead of going into starting Windows 7! The only way that I can get my computer to boot up is to push F4 to initiate the Samsung Recovery Software program and start with a Basic Restore, which takes up to 2 minutes. How can I get to the root of my problem, which is the booting startup sequence?
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