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  1. Hi Member, I will give it a try when I'm back home.
  2. Yes, I would like WJS to remember my search jobs (drives and search terms) so I could later restart the same job. BTW: I found out that obviously it is not possible to search only selected folders of a drive, that would be a very helpful option too.
  3. Hello Member, thank you foe your quick answer. But I even restarted the computer with all USB drives connected and WJS did not recognize my drive L. Unfortunately it's the drive with most of my PDFs.
  4. Hello, I like JetSearch very much but have a serious problem. I have several USB HD drives connected to my computer. While the drives F, M, N and O show up in the JetSearch local drives list, my drive L doesn't. In windows explorer I can reach it without any problems. Greetings Hasso
  5. Hello, I often use to search for different files in different locations, e.g. all PDF-Files on drive D or all wav and mp3 on drives C, D and E. It would be comfortable if I could store these searches in JetSearch and use them with one click instead of entering the search terms each time. Greetings Hasso
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