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  1. Any chance of an answer from tech support?
  2. Followed your instruction but problem still exist. Actually the pop-up claims it has scanned drive c: but I can prove it DID NOT: The images show the C: drive scan was only 2 seconds on a over 200 GB drive and found nothing on 'WordPress' search keyword while I have tons of 'wordpress' named folder and file. See the WordPress folder on my desktop. Whereas the scan on drive E: took 9 seconds on 80 GB and found 17 results. Any search of any keyword on drive C: gives NO results! And still the pop-up claims it has scanned drive C:. I have no problem using other software but you should be concerned about issues in your product.
  3. I posted the screenshot you requested 10 days ago but still waiting for a reply ...
  4. JetSearch v.1.36.69 works fine in Windows XP but in Vista Home basic it does NOT search in C:\ although it's checked it does search in d:, e: etc. but it skips C: any suggestions?
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