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  1. Hi Sardoc, Thanks for your suggestion. I am not a Wise employee but I thought I would offer my opinion as well. So, I doubt that Wise will undertake such a specific venture because it is has been corrected with later operating systems; however, that's just my opinion. Anyway, have a look at this article and see if these tools might help. Bear in mind I have no experience with Vista because I went straight from XP to Win 7: Reduce the size of the WinSxS folder with vsp1cln.exe and compcln.exe - TechRepublic Good luck and thanks for the suggestion, UCanFixit
  2. Did this just start? Did you do anything right before this issue started (windows updates, downloaded new program, etc)? I see you mentioned the possibility of a virus so can you explain what activity might have caused you to be infected?
  3. An excellent piece of trouble-shooting IMHO. Your analysis should be of great interest to the Wise developers. Hopefully, they will read your entire analysis and respond accordingly. I am not a Wise employee. Nice job! UCanFixit
  4. Yes indeed! I can confirm your findings: Hopefully, someone from Wise will read this thread within the next few days and respond accordingly. I have no idea how this got passed the final review. I do not work for Wise. Thanks for finding this issue, my2censt
  5. Can you please explain what you were trying to fix with Wise PC 1stAid and (specifically) which fixes you tried?
  6. Need more information. Did this just start? Did you do anything recently (Windows Updates, driver updates, install new programs)? Does the screen go dark right after after successfully loading Windows? Can you ever see anything visible (text or graphics) during the boot sequence?
  7. Run sfc /scannow (from an elevated command prompt), If errors are reported, run Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Check to see if that fixes your issue.
  8. As David pointed out, the link I provided is just a link to the download page. Once there, See David's image for the actual download link. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. You apparently devoted quite a bit of time composing this thread so I hope those in need discover it!
  10. Hi, This video will show you the easiest way to do it. The instructions are very clear. Download GmailDefaultMaker Hope this helps, UCanFixit
  11. Many times, one of our premiere forum members (xilolee) has suggested that running sfc /scannow (from an elevated command prompt) will fix your issue and nobody has ever returned to say it didn't work. So, please try it and let us know if that fixes your issue. UCanFixit
  12. @marklester611: Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting a link to a nice list of solutions for the OP to try. Here's a few more: MS Fixit Program to Automatically Reset Windows Update Components Download and run the System Update Readiness Tool We look forward to your continued participation. Best regards, UCanFixit
  13. What happens when it doesn't finish? Do you get an error code or a message? I have many things you can try but I need the error code to make a targeted suggestion.
  14. We need the make/model of your laptop, the make/model of the printer, the method of connection that does not work (wireless or USB) for starters.
  15. Try this: Windows 7: Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore Let us know if that fixes your issue. UCanFixit
  16. As David says, your issue may lead to a reinstall; however, you could try this MS procedure to see if it fixes your issue: "Invalid Boot.ini" or "Windows could not start" error messages when you start your computer
  17. Glad you found the C++ redistributable that was missing (or outdated) and thanks for letting us know too! UCanFixit
  18. Wow! I thought for sure that would be Bingo! Anyway, this is the first report (I have seen) of the MSVCR100.dll missing that could be associated with Wise Care 365. IMHO, this problem is fixable but I think we need a bit more information from you to get started. Specifically: What OS are you running? Are you using the installed version or portable version of Wise Care 365? Is it the latest version? Also, since there are so many different versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, what is your version please? Just for your reference, I am running Windows 8.1 and here is a list of the distributables I have installed: Note: The ones installed are the latest available from Windows Update (for my purposes) so I'm guessing you have other programs (or graphics hardware) that require a later version; yes? If so, where did you get that 2010 version (manual download or Windows Update) or did it come bundled with a graphics card install/update? Do you also have the x86 version as many programs might require that as well. Let us know.
  19. Any chance you have Apple iTunes installed and have updated it recently? If so, see here: http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4519-dll-files/ http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4598-aps-daemonexe-error-msvcr80/ OR just just click this link below to see all the bad iTunes press that might be related to your issue: apple itunes update MSVCR100.dll is missing Good luck.
  20. See my beta testing feedback here. There should only be one announcement with two links to the same thread IMHO: http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4879-wise-registry-cleaner-8-beta-is-released/&do=findComment&comment=10435
  21. Hi Wisecleaner_admin (and all), Here are the results of my personal beta testing: Installation: No issues to report The beta installation overwrites the existing installation and appears as v8.03 in the add/remove programs area Users wishing to revert will have to reinstall the previous version Interface has been updated Options: No issues to report New features added Performance: No issues to report Tested Cleaner and Defrag Did not test System Tuneup (same options offered as previous version) Conclusion: I think I'll keep it! Recommendation: Post a list of enhancements in this beta announcement One more thing. This announcement has been posted in two places. That means, you will be get feedback in two different places and users may not be able to see the big picture without browsing two different threads. IMHO, there should only be one (actual) thread with two links to it. That way, all responses are combined. Best regards, UCanFixit
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