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  1. Hello I'd like to make a feature request for Wise Disk Cleaner. In October 2013, Microsoft released an add-on for Windows Disk Cleanup utility, called Windows Update Cleanup. It was built into Windows 8.1, and an update was made for Windows 7 (KB2852386). More information here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2852386/en-us It removes old files which are no longer needed from Winsxs folder, just like sp1cln.exe or compcln.exe tools did. However, there was no such update made for Vista. This is what bothers me, because while Win 7 more or less keeps its size, Vista grows like mad after every update (including .net updates). I had asked MS if there were any plans for this update for Vista, but it doesn't look like it. Again, doesn't make sense to me, because I'm sure Vista would handle this addon just fine, but it's being artificially killed by MS. Would it be possible to have this kind of tool developed in Wise Disk Cleaner? I'm not gonna lie, Vista users would most probably appreciate this a lot. I'd expect around 1-3gb HDD space is wasted by old files, which we no longer need.
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