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  1. Hi, does wise driver care run well today? If it still cannot connect to server, please tell me your IP address, we will check it.
  2. Hi, Sorry, wise care 365 doesn't have this option. we just want to notice user his/her browser is running now in case wise care 365 close your important page. You can try this, create a auto-clean task (on bottom left cornor), wise care 365 will skip browser if it is running.
  3. Yes, the idle task will never run if CPU usage over 5% every 5 minutes. My suggestion, if you want to shut down PC that means you don't need to receive emails, so you can set up a normal daily shutdown task, or specified time task. or change email client checking time to every 20 minutes.
  4. hi ileobr, This file is used to monitor uninstallation process. e.g., when you uninstall a program via Control Panel or the uninstaller of the program, UnMonitor.exe will know it and auto scan leftovers. If you don't need it, you can disable it from Menu, uncheck Detect the uninstallation of other uninstaller.
  5. Thanks, xilolee Hi,solane About "Idle" task, wise auto shutdown will check if CPU usage is lower than 5% and there is not mouse/keyboard or other input device activity, it will start the timer. If system stay on idle over 15 minutes, it will start Idle task. For example, I set up a 1 minute On idle shutdown task, when system go into idle, wise auto shutdown will shutdown system after 16 minutes. During this 16 minutes, if CPU usage over 5%, or you move mouse, the timing will be stopped, until system goes into idle the timer will starts again.
  6. HI, Yes, you can change the default folder to another partition. or, you can move these files to another folder, then change the backup folder to this new one.
  7. Thanks xilolee Thanks Mihail Kosev. we will fix it soon.
  8. Hi Meisterfleister, These are backups that files you have deleted. If you are sure don't need them again, you can delete them. Also, you can disable auto-backup option.
  9. Hi, sorry for the delay. Thanks for your help. I found the reason, we will fix it in next update. I recommend you to create a daily task. If you like onec task, please do not create it via editing a complete task.
  10. Hi, Please check the following settings: 1, Did you set up a Daily task, not a once task? 2, Please open Menu to check whether "Run on startup" is selected. 3, Make sure the system was running at reminder time. For example, if the reminder time is 1 PM, but your computer is turned off before 1 PM, and you start it on 2 PM, wise reminder do not remind you until next reminder time.
  11. Hi, sorry for it. But I think it is not a problem of wisecleaner website, wise-care-365.html, products.html and download.html are using same download link We released 4.75 in 16 Nov. 2017, if you still downloaded 4.74, you should contact your internet provider, you downloaded cache file, not the latest file.
  12. Thanks for your suggestion, But, Print what? searching list? or print a file directly?
  13. Nice suggestion. But, we want user to just click one time to defrag disk.
  14. It is too strange, we already fix a minor bug of cleaning Firefox Cache files. Can you export CCleaner scan report and send it to us? (only scan Firefox). It is useful for analyse. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your help. We released a new version today, please update and check it.
  16. Please try this new file: WiseDiskCleaner20171107.zip
  17. Hi, Do you means to click "Forgot password" button? If you are using Free version, when you click "Forgot password" button, it will open a web page to teach you how to get password back. BUT, won't let you to change password directly. If you are using Pro version, when you click "Forgot password" button, wisecleaner server will send a email to your registered mailbox to teach you how to change the password. So, I don't think it is easy to change a password without login, unless other people can access your mailbox easily.
  18. Hi, we already modified these themes, but cannot be applied perfectly in current wise care 365. We will update it in wise care 365 v4.75
  19. I see. Those themes cannot be used in Wise Care 365 v4. we need some times to modify them.
  20. Hi jugavi, Can you tell me how do you access hidden files without the login password?
  21. Download theme from Wise Center? Can you tell the URL? I only konw to download theme from Wise Care 365. Please upload themes you downloaded, I will check them if they are available for wise care 365 v4.
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