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  1. Dump file attached. Thanks ApplicationManager.exe.package
  2. That fixed it!! I updated to the current version, renamed the file, and it works. Thank you for the help!
  3. With that version, I am seeing the exact same results. The program starts, runs for about 2-3 seconds and then quits without notice.
  4. @wisecleaner_admin I started using the whole app two weeks ago, so this is the first time I gave the uninstaller a shot. So for my experience it hasn't worked from the get go. I tried installing the stand alone installer as well as the version that self installs with Wise Care 365. I have also tried running it as administrator, still no luck.
  5. Hey All, New to the forum. Love this program, I subscribed to the pro version! I am having a problem with Wise Uninstaller. It will not start. I attached a quick video showing what it does as well as a snapshot of my task manager when resources peak. If I click on it to start, it starts to load, but immediately shuts down. I am running Windows 10 64 bit. The app loads up as a 32 bit app, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. This is a new computer, with a few programs installed. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Damon Uninstaller Doesn't Load.mp4
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