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  2. I purchased WISE DUPLICATE FINDER yesterday (January 14,2021). The first scan, I was pleased because it did find several duplicate photos. I then scanned a Photo Folder with 2600 photos. Wise took 20 minutes to "scan" and then returned results "No Duplicate Found". I went to website http://www.duplicatephotosfixer.com/price_pc I downloaded and scanned. It found over 100 duplicate in 8 minutes. I viewed to ensure they WERE Duplicates. That was the "Free Trial". I have now purchased duplicatephotosfixer.com and am upset that I paid for this Wise Cleaner not 24 hours
  3. I ordered and paid on November 28, 2020, received purchase order number 138433362 and multiple emails but have not receive my order. I have email several times requesting where is the order and all they replied is the license numbers every time. Where is my order? If I don't receive the order by Monday January 18, I will need my money back in full. I hate to do this, I like the product. Dr. EL J. Sjahrial
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  7. Thank you! Anyway, I think (for an user that uses the free version) it would be better to open a message box saying "This feature is available in the pro version". In the registration form, I wasn't able to use the paste function (with the right-click) and I wasn't allowed to write @ (in the email entry). The same happened with WRC and WFH.
  8. @xilolee Keep One is only valid for PRO users. Your license key has been updated, and sent to your mailbox, please check the inbox and the spam folder.
  9. Hi! FrmWDFMain.btnKeepOne.Caption=Keep one In the interface, it is in bottom-left corner (after a search). What should it do? Currently, it opens the register window.
  10. Hello, If an item is ignored, PC Checkup will not clear the item this time and will not check it again in the future. It can be revert from Menu - Settings - Custom Checkup. If a file is ignored, it is added to the Exclusion list, Wise Care 365 will not clear the file this time and will not check it again in the future. You can view the excluded files at Menu - Settings - Exclusion.
  11. Wow...that is very complete...thanks! One more question...when you Check items in the list you are showing...does that mean that 365 *Ignores* those items, or takes *action* on them (i.e. deletes them)?
  12. I already trying to remove Bitdefender with WPU and more uninstaller tools, but so sad that Bitdefender return after the device restarting.So ,i' re-solved in a good tip 100% remove Bitdefender: I have installed Android Os ( Phoenix OS ,or Remix OS...), login to this and select Bitdefender Folder in Program files ,now deleted Bitdefender folder. After that , i'm restarting my device in Windows 10 and Bitdefender are gone forever.It's true 100%,i promise.
  13. @ferret Sorry about that. But I'm very sure that the PC Checkup of Wise Care 365 DOES NOT wipe/clear the Google Chrome saved passwords, nor any other browser saved passwords. Wise Care 365 supports clearing the browser saved passwords, but it is Common Cleaner not PC Checkup. Generally, a browser doesn't save the passwords in Cache files. Google Chrome stores the passwords and the usernames in 2 files "Login Data" and "Web Data". You can find these 2 files at %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ Please follow the steps below to verify if PC Checkup clears
  14. I searched the Fourm, finding multiple assurances that WiseCare doesn't automatically erase passwords. That is patently false; since one of the functions in the PC Checkup is to "Clear Useless Files"... and Google Chrome Cache is listed right in there. The only way I can Keep my passwords intact is to ensure that Chrome is running when I run WiseCare365; and tell it *NOT* to close Chrome ("so it can clear my Cache", doncha know :-( Is there a setting to automatically prevent 365 from erasing my passwords every time? (Love the program...but this particular "feature" is beyond annoy
  15. I am looking for a solution on how to update my windows 10 manually, please suggest me the right solution.
  16. Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 is time-consuming and requires expertise. If you want to reduce all your migration problems, then use the Bitdataconversion Exchange Migration tool which can migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 account without any data loss. It also provides several filtering options that help you to select only the required data to migrate. Simply, this is the most desired software to Exchange to Office 365 migration. For more info visit - https://www.bitdataconversion.com/exchange-migration.html
  17. Hi! UnMonitor.exe saves *.file, *.file.list, *.reg in the program folder, instead than in the backup folder. Also, if filenames would be the name of the program uninstalled instead than casual numbers, it would be nicer.
  18. Hi Admin, It worked installing it manually from the WiseCleaner Download Center. The "New" is not visible anymore in Wise Care 365, and it opens the utility when I click on. Thank you for your quick help Regards, Olivier
  19. Hello OlivierF, Please close Wise Care 365 and then open it again. After reloading, if it is still "New", please click Windows "Start", and then check whether Wise Duplicate Finder is installed. If Wise Duplicate Finder is not installed, please download and install it from WiseCleaner Download Center.
  20. Hi, I have the following issue: - There's a "New" symbol on the "Duplicate Finder" utility - I click on it - Wise Care 365 asks me if I want to download and install it - I click on "Yes" - There's a green loading bar under the "Duplicate Finder" icon - Once completed, the "New" symbol is still present on the "Duplicate Finder" icon - If I click again on the utility, it asks me again to download and install. It's the same situation with any other "New" utility. Below some screenshot, with the time. I have Wise Care 365 v 5.6.1 Pro. I tried also by deactivating m
  21. They must also carry out extracurricular activities, in addition to the need to work, to maintain a place in the graduate job market that is becoming highly competitive. [url= google.com] googlegoogle [/url] While one day, this ability to multitask will appeal to potential employers, it is something that many students need to master. For college students, time is always of great importance, and managing it efficiently could mean the difference between becoming a good student and one overwhelmed by stress.
  22. Yes, but the other wise programs shows them. Therefore, these about windows are littler than usual. ?
  23. @xilolee Thanks for your feedback. Some languages are relatively long, for example, Arabic, Russian, etc., limited by the width of the text box, may not be able to display the full text, but when the mouse pointer hovers over the text, the complete text information will be displayed. Thanks for your understanding. We will improve it to display a full text, support more languages.
  24. @xilolee Thanks for your feedback. It may be caused by the new UI library. we will check and fix it.
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