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  1. Yes, they will be downloaded and installed, even if you already have their portable versions. I don't think they will be integrated in the future.
  2. It seems all downloads but the TenorShare iCareFone = TenorShare iPhoneCarePro = Wise iPhoneCare: this one redirects to tenorshare.com and hotdownloads.com.
  3. By the way, there's the portable WDC here in wisecleaner.com ("download center" webpage). No need to take it from another website. ;-)
  4. %appdata% in WinXP: "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName>\Application Data" %appdata% in WinVista onwards: "C:\users\UserName\Appdata\roaming" In your case "C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Application Data" Now, seeing your picture, it seems WCare365 checks also "%localappdata%\temp". %localappdata% in WinXP: "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data" %localappdata% in WinVista onwards: "C:\users\UserName\Appdata\local" In your case: "C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Local Settings\Application Data" Hence "%appdata%\Wise Disk Cleaner\" should be, in your case, in "C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Application Data\Wise Disk Cleaner", but given that you are using the portable version, it shouldn't be created (because in a portable version the files should stay inside the application folder). Indeed when I open WDC portable version, it creates "only" (and imo it should not create it) Wise euask folder (in %appdata%). Current files I have inside WDC 9.43 (current version):
  5. (I have maxthon portable, not installed) I think Vivaldi is already supported by WCare365 and WDC.
  6. Instead the scans on my system with WRC8 and with WCare365 lasted the same time amount: 43 seconds. Same exclusions, deep scan, all sections.
  7. Ok, keep us informed. Looking forward for your kind feedback!
  8. Hi. I uninstalled wise folder hider pro 3.36 (?), taken away from a giveaway in June 2016. I used windows control panel, uninstall a program. Problems in the latest version of wise folder hider free: 1) "Encrypt file" button isn't translatable 2) When changing the language from English to Italian, the two buttons "Hide folder" and "Hide USB drive" don't contain the translations (the text of the second button overlaps the USB icon, like the text of the first one, but in this latter one there are less letters and the icon is still visible). 3) In drive D: (where I hid a folder with wise folder hider pro) I can see the hidden folder "....". I don't think I should see it: I didn't see it before. 4) When I try to hide the same folder, I get the error message "Can't hide the folder. Error message: Failed to load WiseFs". 5) I rebooted, but I got the same problems. Questions: Must I register WiseFs64.sys in c:\windows? Shouldn't wise folder hider installer register WiseFs64.sys by itself? Shouldn't WiseFs64.sys stay in c:\windows\system32 or in c:\windows\syswow64? (The same question for the SYS files of your other programs: WiseRegNotify.sys, WiseUnlock64.sys, WiseTdiFw64.sys... But that's another matter)
  9. Yes, with wise care 365. If you didn't already have it on your computer, you can install it (click), or you can use its portable version (click). Open it, go to privacy protector tab, go to disk eraser (menu on the left), wait till it finishes to scan your drives (some seconds usually), then select the drives you want to wipe (by default, all drives are selected) and click erase. You can also choose the number of passes (1, 3, 7, 35): one is usually sufficient (and faster than the other passes).
  10. Hi friend Saahi. :-) Could you explain better your problem?
  11. Sorry if I didn't confirm it before, but to me it seemed obvious (because I did that check before). I think Wisecleaner team already read this, but, if they don't, I'll inform them for sure in next days.
  12. Hey guys. I can confirm you WC365 registry scan time isn't normal at the moment (because I/we already checked that in the past and the scan times were about the same; it is written here in the forum but I can't remember the topic): WC365 registry scan should be somewhat near the same as WRC one. It could change within seconds, but it shouldn't be the double of the other one. Just leave the time to the developer/s to correct this problem. Today I experienced the same boot booster setting issue (as written in my previous reply) in a friend's machine: windows vista 32bit sp2. I couldn't compare the registry scan times with WRC (but it was long enough). The comparisons with other software (not from this developer) is another topic, by the way. And I used and use other software for the registry cleaner, but I still prefer this one (I just miss the multiple selections: shift+click, ctrl+click, shift+arrows, i.e. the normal behaviour in windows ). For example, now I compared WRC 8 with wisecleaner bigger competitor (I will let you guess who is): WRC 47 seconds and 419 items found; the other one 8 seconds and 16 items. Another one 26 seconds and 89 items. Another one 22 seconds and 125 items. (I could continue...)
  13. kk_in_zdf: glad you solved it... Sometimes, restarting explorer or windows solves strange problems.
  14. Could it be clearer this? --> "You exceeded the maximum number of activations provided by your license. Don't hesitate to contact us if you think there is an activation error or if you need more licenses!"
  15. Wise care 365 has got three modes (menu, settings, cleaner), like WRC8: default scan, safe scan and deep scan. WRC9 has got only two modes: fast scan (that's the safe scan) and deep. I called improperly the safe mode "fast", because it checks less items and because in WRC9 it is called fast. By the way I also noted some improper behaviors in windows xp (I have a friend that still uses it): IIRC, the defrag function and the new boot booster setting (in menu, settings, boot booster). Maybe I thought it was normal a longer scan with the registry cleaner on windows xp (and a slower processor and ram), but I didn't try WRC9 to compare it with WCare365.
  16. In the new English file there's a new entry: Do you intend an user could have more licenses, if he contacts you (under additional payment, I suppose)? Or what?
  17. I hope you ticked the same entries and the same mode (either both deep or both fast) for both programs. And that you set them with the same exclusions. I usually get longer times when I tick activex, file types and empty keys. Without them, the scan lasts about 4 seconds in WRC 9.35 and 8.83, and 10 seconds in Wise Care 365 4.53. Therefore it seems indeed that wise care 365 is a bit slower (but I did these tries without the same exclusions). Edit Fixed the exclusions in the three programs (they have got all the same exclusions now). Scan times with all the entries ticked (all portable versions): WRC9.35: 40s (same result with 9.38) WRC8.83: 45s WCare365 4.53: 80s (same result with 4.55) There's something wrong...
  18. Hi LarAtk. Yes, try the portable version: it doesn't need to be installed. Download Wise Care 365 portable (click)
  19. Hi wdcf. You already asked this same thing for wise disk cleaner: how do i remove "restore points" option? (click). You said the problem was solved, but you didn't write how you did it.
  20. Here, through their email (support AT wisecleaner.com) or through the web module in the feedback webpage (of their homepage), or all of them. Not sure about their preferred method...
  21. And what browser? There are some incompatibilities when using MSIE11, but it doesn't work on XP SP3. Did you try to click the button "switch editor to source/WYSIWYG mode"? It's the grey button above the BOLD button.
  22. Hi b.s.mohaideen. :-) Check the following topics: How to speed up your PC by WiseCleaner_Admin How to speed up a computer; speed up any PC or laptop (Part One) by Linkin How to speed up a computer; speed up any PC or laptop (Part Two) by Linkin Or try these operations: 1) If the warranty has already expired, you could try to open your PC (first unplug it from the mains...!) with a lot of caution and, gently, remove the dust with a brush and vacuum cleaner (or hair dryer) and, possibly, apply the thermal paste to the processor. Block the fans, they shouldn't rotate fast. DON'T touch capacitors and DON'T open the power supply unit. If you are unsure, ask to a more experienced friend of yours or bring your machine (computer) to the assistance! The following operations should be simplier than this one. 2) Open an elevated command prompt and type: cleanmgr /sageset:1 Press enter, tick every option (or the options that you prefer) inside cleanmgr advanced menu, click ok, then type this: cleanmgr /sagerun:1Press enter and wait until it finishes. 3) Download adwcleaner portable (click), run it and remove the offending entries. 4) Download wise care 365 portable (click), extract it and put it on your desired/preferred folder. 5) Create a system restore point (or let it create by WiseCare, it should ask it to you the first time you run it) 6) Double left-click wisecare365.exe, click (top right corner) custom --> settings --> custom checkup, select/tick all entries (or the entries that you prefer), click save, click checkup, wait until the scan finishes, click fix. 7) Click the third tab at top: system tuneup On the left, click the fourth tab: startup manager Remove unnecessary items (keep enabled antivirus and processor items) 8) Launch sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt (and report the result here, after it finished) 9) Defrag your hard disks (it may take hours... Try first the OS partition only). If you often get BSODs, skip this. Looking forward for your kind feedback! How to run an elevated command prompt for Windows vista/seven users One of these three methods: - click start, all programs, accessories, right-click the command prompt in the list and click run as administrator, click yes on the user account control window that should appear - click start, type cmd in the searchbox, right-click the cmd in the list of results and click run as administrator, click yes on the user account control window that should appear - click start, type cmd in the searchbox, press and keep pressed ctrl + shift Keys on your keyboard, then press enter, click yes on the user account control window that should appear
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