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  1. Hello, Unzipped the file and save to my downloads folder. Attached is the message I received. I tried anther directory - same result. I put the file on an external drive - program never started. i just got the "circle" icon for over 3 minutes. Any help is appreciated. I will gladly pay to speak to a technician about this!
  2. How can I reach someone who can help me. I am really in trouble. I can't access MS Office and I really need to get work done. I purchased File Hider Pro. Isn't there any way I can pay to get this problem resolved? Grant [email protected]
  3. No, not at this time. Wednesday 5/24/2017 9:46 AM EST Is there a way I can talk to a support person. I am willing to pay to get this matter resolved. Thanks
  4. I'm using Windows 10. I don't know how I did it but I hid my "C" drive. When I go to It's odd....I can access file folders on my desktop, downloads, pictures, music, videos using windows explorer. I can use Firefox, Chrome, several other programs but can't access MS Office or any Wise programs. When I go to "This PC" and click on "Local disk C" It shows that the drive has no files. I put in a support ticket but would like to get up and running as soon as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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