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help! wise folder hider made all the folders on my external drive hidden

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I was using wise folder hider version 3.16.91 to hide a folder in windows 8.1 all worked well until I chose open from the little menu next to the hidden folder, then all the folders on my external HDD drive became hidden in Windows explorer, but they are not shown as hidden in wise folder hider. I can still see all the folders on elevated command prompt, but when I open the external drive in windows explorer it appears empty, even though the space usage is still correct.


In wise data recovery it can see all the folders, but there are no dots for anything hidden.


Please tell me how to fix this, I need to access my files desperately.



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Omg, I just  tried it on another external HDD and it did exactly the same thing. Now, as soon as I hide a folder, the whole drive appears blank in windows explorer! It stays blank even when I unhide the folder again! plz help

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I test it, but I cannot reproduce your problem.

1, install wise folder hider v3.16

2, open it to hide a folder in drive G (G is the external HDD, see image 1 and image 2)

1.jpg 2.jpg

3, restart PC

4, open wise folder hider, click Open button to open (see image 3)


Everything is okay.


Before the v3.16, did you install an older version of wise folder hider?


You can refer this topic to recover the folder, http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/8-how-to-get-back-the-wfh-files/

1, download this tool WDR.zip

2, open it, and scan your external HDD

3, find the folder [[[[[[[[ and expand it

4, select your folder and click Restore

(see image 4)


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