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regarding unhiding data in external hard disk


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I had hidden a folder in external hard disk through wise folder. After successfully hiding it, i had safely removed my ext. hard disk.
 But when i plug it again and open the wise folder software, there is no mention of that folder to unhide. 
Please help.. Most of my very important things are in that folder of ext hard disk i had hidden.
Can it be recoverd..???
Like either by uninstalling or doing something.. Plz.. its very imp that i retrieve that folder.
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My operating sys is Win Vista. 32 bit . I have hidden in vista 32 bit only. I have hidden in external hard disk and removed it safely. Now when i reopen the software and plug in the ext, hard disk , there is no unhide folder shown.

WFH is 2.02

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Okey, this topic can guide you to restore your files. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/8-how-to-get-back-the-wfh-files/

1, download the special edition wise data recovery

2, run it to scan your external hard disk.

3, find the folder named .... (four dots)
4, expand it until you can see your hidden files

5, select files then click Restore

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