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brand new hp computer

older printer installed disc dowloaded drivers and software from internet

computer says i need to free up disc space

i thought i did but there is not much in computer: it is brand new except what was installed from factory.

how do i fix this?

i need my multi functional printer

it worked fine on windows xp disc said 7 so i dowloaded drivers but it kicks the driver out or not enough space to complete

what it needs to operate

Operating system:Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
System root: C:WINDOWS
Available physical memory: 3533 MB
CPU: AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon HD Graphics
Drive Info:
C: 449.68 GB
D: 14.60 GB
Internet Explorer: 11.0

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It is hard to believe the manufacturer utilized all your free space so I'm guessing something else has happened. Anyway, show us a screenshot like so:




Note that I have a 120GB SSD and I still have 97.7 GBs of free space. It appears you have a 500GB hard drive so I can only assume your manufacturer did not use all that free space. However, if your screenshot reveals that all free space is used, I would go directly to your manufacturer support group or consider an OEM recovery to reset everything to factory defaults.

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