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Remove Temperature Gauge Widget

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I want to remove the temperature gauge/memory booster widget from the program. I do not see an option to stop this from happening; only an option to hide it. I do not want to have to manually remove this every time I start up the program. Is there a (hidden) option somewhere I am missing? You cannot possibly believe that people will want this on the desktop at all times, can you? 

Please provide information on how to do this. Otherwise, the new interface looks great. I am enjoying the new look. Thanks for your help on this (annoying) matter.


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Too bad but on my system this hint didn't work.  I am running WISE 365 PRO under WIN 8.1 and everytime that I start the system I have to manually hide the widget.  Shame on you for not having such a noisy and useless add on come up in the active mode.


Alright, I just checked for updates and apparently the check box may work now to disable this widget.  I'll reset the system and check to see that the floating window doesn't come on with the Windows startup.



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