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  1. well the way i see it and from its following from around the IT and Security Community id recon well see that most likely happening dont give up on TC yet , just make sure you use 7.1a not the "latest" version until then , lols and protip stay away from Bitlocker
  2. actually its the same problem yes as i recon you guys new implementation of a hardware monitor in 3.11 must be doing the same faulty implementation aka it is holding a handle to all disks for the disk activity sensor during the whole runtime wich locks out tc non system volumes of ever being mountable , that is until i exit http://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-Solved-HWinfo64-blocks-Truecrypt-to-mount-a-device wisecare365 , go and reread the link the dev explained why hwinfo messed up tc volume mounting while the sensor monitoring was running, and again please make the new gui optional im sure im not the only one here that feels that way and telling me that it wouldnt be possible would simply be a lie and you know it if youre one of the programmers, as if it where so difficult to make the gui layout switchable , if that where so then how in hell did your guys update the gui in the first place if its impossible to change the gui , yeah thought so , so again make this new crappy metro gui optional and dont force it onto your userbase with lame excuses thats very bad practice well then listen to my feedback instead of brushing it off how bout that for starters
  3. +1 its horrible an option to remove the crap would be nice, but i disagree on the interface it looks crap to previous versions, metro ui sickness is abound
  4. ok so ive thought id upgrade to 3.11 release from the 2.99.246 version , and theres major issues with the new release on top of the ones already mentioned by other members , the gui is fugly as all hell , dont tell me the metro design virus got to you guys too , jesus , the previous gui was even a million times better not to mention on the eyes , please revert or include the old gui talk about improving a gui instead of going 3 steps backwards hasnt anybody learned that microsofts latest gui design decissions arent exactly the way to go if you plan on modernising a gui this isnt windows 95 era guys and another flaw would be the greatest of all that being i cant mount a truecrypt volume while wisecare365 version 3.11 is running this never was the case before so whatever youve changed in the new version that locks access to drives please do fix that bug immediately , this issue has been apparent in hwinfo as well wich has been fixed as of its latest update, heres the thread http://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-Solved-HWinfo64-blocks-Truecrypt-to-mount-a-device , until those issues have been addressed ive reverted back to 2.99.246, i too would like to continue using this excellent cleaning app , thank you
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