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Wise Disk Cleanr 8.11 Possible Bug


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Hello all,


I just installed v8.11 (over top of a previous version) and the executable icon "disappeared" from view in the programs folder:





The Solution (for me) was simply to rebuild the icon cache. The affected OS was Windows 7 SP1 fully updated via Windows Update (as of 6/9/2014).


I also had the same issue with my program update using Wise Registry Cleaner v8.12.


I did try a second reinstall with the same results. The root cause remains unknown; however, since I run a very tight ship, I have to believe that someone else may have noticed this issue as well (or maybe it is just me).



FYI and cheers!



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Hello admin,


My screenshot is actually over-sized because I linked to it externally. It is actually huge! Not sure why it looks so small to you. Anyway, I was just pointing to WiseDiskCleaner.exe to show what icon was missing before I rebuilt the icon cache.


I did not uninstall the previous version. I did just install the latest version over top of the previous version. This method has always worked before. However, if this is a strict requirement, maybe you should update your installer to look for previous versions, then if found, invoke an uninstall and then continue with a new install. Or prohibit a new install and issue a warning that the older version needs to be uninstalled first. For my purposes, if an installer allows the execution of a new install over top of a previous version, it should work.


At this point, just consider my experience an FYI until others report a similar issue. It could have been something to do (specifically) with my laptop which I use infrequently.






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