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Excluding Recent Documents and Run Commands from PC Check-up Cleaning


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I am unhappy that I don't seem to be able to effectively prevent the PC Check-up module from deleting my Recent Documents and Run commands.  That said, it may be because I haven't looked in the right place.  As you can see, I can't get a 10/10 because it has found 36 Recent Documents.  In Image 2, you can see that I have deselected those items.  In Image 3, they are selected but grayed out and can't be changed, as if they were selected from another menu that I have so far been unable to locate.


While I am complaining, and I am actually VERY happy with this product, I was astonished that my Windows Defender kept turning itself on for no reason, until I realized that PC Check-up was doing that.  I got that deselected when I finally figured it out.  One would think that Wise Care 365 would look for the active Firewall, in my case Bitdefender 2014 Total Security.  Running two firewalls is not recommended.


Any assistance in being able to stop PC Check-up from erasing my Recent Documents and Run command list would be much appreciated.  I was like most users and just clicked "Fix Now."  Thank you and have a great day.









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Hi garioch7,

1, about cleaning Recent Documents 

    Currently, user cannot change it in PC Check-Up. This feature is prepare for computer newbies and lots of common users,  they don't need to know more computer knowledge, just one-click will help them to clean most junk files. 

     If you don't want to clean Recent Documents, don't use PC Check-up, just use Common Cleaner.

2, about Windows Defender (Windows Firewall)

    PC Check-Up will open Windows Firewall, if you have installed a third party firewall, you can close it.





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Thank you for your response.  Would be nice to exclude Recent Document and Run Command lists from PC Check-up.  More clicks to do the job in Common Cleaner.  I have disabled PC Checkup from turning on Windows Defender.


Great product and I am very happy with it, but of course, like all products, every user has their own preferences.  Have a great day.




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