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Free tools (Anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-virus) that you could use to inspect your computer

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The following programs could help you to clean your pc (remove malware), automatically and for free.

Yes, there are other free tools on internet.

Yes, you could suggest other useful tools, if you know them, if they are free, if they are simple to use.

Yes, the links could become broken in the future: you could write here if they change or if there are broken links.

All rights, responsibilities, credits go to their respective owners/companies...


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Personally, don't go for free tools. It will harm your system. This kind of free antivirus don't work. But you still want to download the free trial. Then go to google & search filehippo & click on that link 7 then after you may able to download the free version of anti-virus

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This forum is wisecleaner software. Please modify the text content to Wise Anti Malware software. If you want to share your text content, please use weebly or google blogger service. The service is free of charge. You can also send your URL from your post Advertising, can be used in the forum without violation forum-rules

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