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Suggestion for "Check for updates" reply on free/GOTD versions


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I'm not sure if this is the same topic as the link below, which pertained to checking for updates.  I figured I'd include it for reference.




Anyway, I just figured I'd offer a suggestion for future versions that people obtain thru the "Giveaway of the day" website, and other free versions you may provide thru other programs.  When someone using these versions clicks on "Check for updates", they receive a message saying "Congratulations.  The version you are running is the latest one", which isn't always the case.  Wouldn't it be a better idea to display a message simply stating something like "Latest Updates to free licensed versions are not provided", or something along that line. 


While I certainly understand a company not offering free updates on free licensed versions, if you think about it, if someone thinks they have the latest version,there isn't much incentive to buy a fully licensed copy.  If someone has a free version and are happy with the product, if they are informed that there is indeed a newer version, but is not provided for free, they might be more inclined to buy a licensed version and enjoy the support that comes with it.


Anyway, thanks again for a great product.





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First, if there is new update of Wise Care 365 released, both Free version and Pro version can detected it, the Pro version will automatic update, but the Free version will show the updates details and let user to download the new version.

         If there is no updates, both Free version and Pro version will show "Congratulations.  The version you are running is the latest one"



BUT, your suggestion is very good for Giveaway version, we will modify it. THANK YOU!!!


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So I'm currently using Wise Care 365 Pro version 2.94.239.  The newest version is 2.95.240.  When I click "check for updates", I should receive a dialog box informing me of the new version? I just checked a few minutes ago and received the "You are using the latest version" message.







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Well, this may boggle your mind. Just on a whim, I decided to see if it had anything to do with me using a proxy server. I have some apps that automatically use whatever proxy rule is set in the "Internet options" from the control panel. Other apps, I have set some options within the app, or I'll get some sort of "can not connect" message. Wisecare appears to automatically use the system settings, but I get the "You are using the latest versions" with the proxy on. When I took it off, I got the same message you displayed in your message above.



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