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  1. Edit: Woops. I just noticed the OP stated they downloaded/installed the updates again. Not sure if that's due to Win 8, as I'm on Win 7 SP1. Just thought I'd clarify.
  2. Hi All, Actually, I don't think the problem points to Wise. I'm guessing their Disk Cleaner follows the same rules/policies as Windows Disk cleanup, correct? This just happened to me in the past couple of days. I had used Windows Disk Cleaner and used the Advanced Task to clean up old packages (or something along that line). When I restarted later on, I was seeing a lot of the similar messages you see after restarting on Patch Tuesdays (Windows is configuring....), but seemed like the level of a major update or even a Service Pack. When I looked at my Even Viewer, I nearly fainted.
  3. Well, this may boggle your mind. Just on a whim, I decided to see if it had anything to do with me using a proxy server. I have some apps that automatically use whatever proxy rule is set in the "Internet options" from the control panel. Other apps, I have set some options within the app, or I'll get some sort of "can not connect" message. Wisecare appears to automatically use the system settings, but I get the "You are using the latest versions" with the proxy on. When I took it off, I got the same message you displayed in your message above.
  4. So I'm currently using Wise Care 365 Pro version 2.94.239. The newest version is 2.95.240. When I click "check for updates", I should receive a dialog box informing me of the new version? I just checked a few minutes ago and received the "You are using the latest version" message.
  5. Hi, Just an fyi...the link you embedded is actually the url for this thread. The correct one is: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/tr-dojo/reduce-the-size-of-the-winsxs-folder-with-vsp1clnexe-and-compclnexe/1060/ I guess no one bothered to read the article (or you'd have heard about the link sooner than now).. I'm glad I did (well, kinda sorta). As a result, several clicks later, when I landed on the Disk Cleanup add-on to remove old Windows Update files (which required doing the old Genuine Advantage validation), I was able to discover that, somewhere along the line, somet
  6. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the same topic as the link below, which pertained to checking for updates. I figured I'd include it for reference. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/1605-updates-no-home-website/?hl=%2Bcheck+%2Bupdates&do=findComment&comment=3310 Anyway, I just figured I'd offer a suggestion for future versions that people obtain thru the "Giveaway of the day" website, and other free versions you may provide thru other programs. When someone using these versions clicks on "Check for updates", they receive a message saying "Congratulations. The vers
  7. I'm guessing that's due to the fact that, according to what I've read, (from Wikipedia) "The organization of the partition table in the MBR limits the maximum addressable storage space of a disk to 2TB", and my disk is 3TB. According to what I've read, my disk should utilize GPT, but I'm not sure it is. Anyway, I'll leave it at that. Glad I could help you figure out why Wisecare365 wasn't able to read the disk. Thanks again for a great product.
  8. Looks like a success. DiskEraser recognized the drive. And when I clicked "Clean", it started the Erasure process. I didn't have it clean the whole drive, since the only recoverable files were actually clusters that Ccleaner had already cleaned and renamed with files names of zzzzzz, etc. That and the estimated time of over 5 hours, I figured as long as it recognized the drive and started the process was enough to prove a successful run. So, what was the ultimate fix that finally got it to work?
  9. Screenshot 1 - Defrag analysis Screenshot 2 - Wisecare365 crashes when I click on DiskEraser
  10. I don't have a problem. Wisecare has a problem.
  11. LOL! I hate to burst your Wisecare bubble, but I've pretty much determined that the problem lies not with my disk, but with the WiseCare tools. As I stated earlier, no other application in the 2+ years that I've owned has had a problem recognizing, detecting, interacting with (and so on) that drive. And Ccleaner sees it, wipes it, etc and their Recuva tool can accurately scan it to look for recoverable files.
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