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  1. Sorry to report but after using 8.4.1, a bunch of windows updates have reappear to be download again. This is not resolve.
  2. If you have a backup somewhere, you can just replace the content of the folder "users/yourusername/appdata/roaming/mozilla/firefox/profiles/profilenamexxx" with the content of the backup.Make sure to close firefox before doing that. Another way is to restore windows to an earlier date using the automaking restore point feature. I am not sure though if the backup point include the appdata folder.
  3. Ok did some tests in windows 8.1 virtualbox. Yes indeed, the cleaner does wipe out the mozilla profile and all what's involved. Windows still boot after the cleanup. As for the windows update files, not sure but I am afraid of what else it has deleted.Wise now change to a new version 8.39. Hopefully that will fix all this. I can't imagine all the damage it has done to users who use 8.38. That could strike a dead blow to the cleaner if it so unreliable and destructive. How can the company did not get that before the release. You are playing with important files here so it has to be 100% bullet proof. EDIT 8.39 seems to be all right but my confidence has been shaken.
  4. Great that get me to a page 404 error. Try again man ... are you awake ?
  5. latest version 8.38.593. I always download it from your site. Is there a section which is responsible from deep cleaning windows update files ?
  6. Just ran the cleaner 8 on an Acer with windows 8.1 machine. The cleaner found close to 600 MB of stuff to delete. Did that. While windows was up to date before, on reboot, Windows was showing a huge amount of updates to be done. I had to redownload and install them again. I notice also that my Firefox profile was gone as well. Had to recreat it again too. I use the program before but it never did that. ANy change in the new version ?
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