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Unable to send or receive messages for the pop31.xnet.ro account. A time-out occurred while communicating with the server.


Server: 'pop31.xnet.ro'

Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC19

Protocol: POP3

Port: 110

Secure(SSL): No




Operating system:Windows 8 (64 bit)

System root: C:\windows

Available physical memory: 8076 MB

CPU: Intel® Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz

Drive Info:

C: 686,83 GB

Internet Explorer: 10.0

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Hi costin! :)

Are you trying to set Windows mail?

Or did it previously work with your current settings?

If yes, check Error occurs when you send or receive an email message in Outlook or Outlook Express

Even if it doesn't mention Windows live mail...

Skip methods that are for Outlook only, but take them as possible suggestions for Windows mail - i.e., more ideas to try.

You could check if you got malware, too.

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Error 0x800CCC19 appears to be a wrong SMTP or POP port number. Have you tried to set to the POP incoming server to utilize the encryption port number 995? If so, you need to enable encryption from your email account settings and use the encryption port numbers below:


SMTP : 465

POP: 995


Or you can just disable the encryption and use the following non-encryption numbers:


SMTP: 587

POP: 110


Also, try to check your email settings if all information is correct. I hope this can help you.

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