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Wise Memory Optimizer Doen Not Start Upon Windows Logon


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hello Wise Support,


Installed Optimizer on 2 laptops;Win7 x64 and Win8.1 x64.

Selected option to run the program at Win startup. Optimizer works ok on the win 7 x64 laptop; loads on startup.

On the Win8.1 x64 laptop Optimizer will not load on startup. When I manually start Optimizer it works ok; program starts and icon is shown in system tray. Checked again the settings and the checkbox of auto startup was activated.

Checked Windows auto startup entries and Optimizer path and program is shown in the section Windows startup scheduled tasks.

Also checked running programs in processes after startup, but Optimizer was not loaded after startup.


Can you advise?


rgds, Fred-H (from The Netherlands)


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Disabled 1 by 1 auto startup programs and found out that auto start of Malwarebytes Anti Malware program showed erratic results in combination with Wise Mem Optimizer.

With Malwarebytes enabled sometimes Wise Mem Optimizer did not load or did load but showed error message on screen; Cannot create shell notification icon. WMO icon is displayed in system tray however and program works ok.

Rebooted a couple of times and sometimes WMO did not load at all or showed the error message again.

Disabled Malwarebytes and everything working ok; WMO loads without displaying the error message and works ok.

With Malwarebytes enabled and WMO disabled system starts up ok and when WMO is then started manually, WMP is working ok with icon displayed in system tray.

Using Malwarebytes for some time already and never had auto startup problems withother programs.

Disabled WMO for the time being.


Can you advise?


rgds, Fred-H.

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