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在命令提示符中输入以下内容 for %1 in (%windir%\system32\*.dll) do regsvr32.exe /s %1 后,会弹出一个错误的对话框




Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3

System root: C:\WINDOWS

Available physical memory: 2013 MB

CPU: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5500 @ 2.80GHz

Drive Info:

C: 50.11 GB

D: 87.89 GB

E: 89.65 GB

F: 62.44 GB

H: 8.00 GB

Internet Explorer: 8.0

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You can also Google for "windows c++ runtime error r6034" (without quotes) and you'll find lots of press related to that error. Of specific note, many found references are related to Apple iTunes. So, have you tried to update that lately? If so, see here:







Good luck.




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