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Wise Jetsearch cannot recognize SD card

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I insert a SD card in my laptop, but Jetsearch cannot recognize it. The SD card is in exFat format. My system is Windows 8. I don't want to convert it into fat32 or NTFS and see if that way works, since is a very large one (64g, nearly full).

my portable disk works fine.

Please help. Many thanks in advance!


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Hi seashell61,

I have just confirmed your finding and I think you have found a legitimate bug! So, I just tested Wise Jet Search and it reacts as follows:

SD Card formatted as:

NTFS - recognized
exFat - not recognized

However, since this is primarily a user-to-user forum, I would suggest you open a bug report (via email) with Wise Support and you can point them to this thread as well:

[email protected]

Good luck,




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