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Option to send found files to Recycle Bin!


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Thank you. I understand your meaning.

1, Add an option to send the found files to Recycle Bin. We cannot do it.

    Wise Disk Cleaner has a cleaning item Useless Files In Computer > Windows System > Empty Recycle Bin (we don't set it as recommended.)

    If someone check this item Empty Recycle Bin, then he click your option Send files to Recycle Bin. What should Wise Disk Cleaner do?

2, An option to change wiping algorithm for secure deletion.

   I don't think this is necessary. You know, high secure deletion need more times. Less cleaning time is better for cleaning software.

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Hi saad,


Wise Disk Cleaner does have an option for secure deletion of files (see attachment).


Also, the send to recycle bin would be a great option if it were technically feasible because it would give one the opportunity to review the actual files before deletion. Now, I would envision that option would work as follows:


Send to Recycle Bin if checked

Bypass recycle bin if not checked


However, I see that our admin has already indicated that it might not be possible to deploy such an option but it was a good suggestion anyway.





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