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this morning I downloaded Wise Registry Cleaner, and then ran the Registry Cleaner program.  There seemed to be a large number of "errors".  I then did whatever was necessary to clean up the registry. I went one step further which perhaps was unwise - I ran system Tuneup.


I then rebooted my computer, linked to the internet through WIFI and the indication after rebooting was that the computer was connected to the internet.


I then tried to start Google Chrome - and it would not start. Then tried to start Internet Explorer but received a Windows error message that the computer could not access IE. Hit the diagnostic button that came up and it was a Windows diagnostic that checked the internet connection.  After a few minutes the diagnostic asked me to choose the WiFi connection (curious  since the  icon on the lower right of the computer had indicated I was connected to the correct node, and the signal wa excellent)


I choose the internet connection and the diagnostic proceeded and eventually indicated it had completed the connection.  I was then able to connect to IE and Google Chrome.


This process took about 10 minutes to diagnose the problem with the  internet connection.


Its a pain in the butt and I shouldn't have to do this. Everything was fine  before I ran Wise Registry cleaner.  


How do I fix the problem.???

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