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Restore registry in non bootable system


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Hi wiseur! :)

If you are using hiren's bootcd, you should have registry backup and restore tool (programs, registry).

I'm not sure, but ubcd4win should have it too.

Unzip first your full registry backup and you should obtain FullReg.rbk (mine is about 300MB), that should be equal (I think) to a .reg file of regedit.

Hope this helps!


Looking forward for your kind feedback.

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Thanks xilolee for your friendly answer !


You have pointed the right solution : making registry backup with the tiny freeware from ACELOGIX, "REGBAK" named "Registry Backup & Restore" in HIREN'S BOOT CD.

This allows restoring even on non bootable system !

I'll test this pleasant and speedy way...


Nota :

Your post gave another solution, use of "eruNT"...


Thanks for helping, bro.



REGBAK works just fine !

With the right command line in BAT file in startup folder, you always keep copy of registry from the last start...

With WINDOWS XP SP2, the backup folder is 27 MB.

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