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  1. Thanks xilolee for your friendly answer ! You have pointed the right solution : making registry backup with the tiny freeware from ACELOGIX, "REGBAK" named "Registry Backup & Restore" in HIREN'S BOOT CD. This allows restoring even on non bootable system ! I'll test this pleasant and speedy way... Nota : Your post gave another solution, use of "eruNT"... Thanks for helping, bro. EDIT : REGBAK works just fine ! With the right command line in BAT file in startup folder, you always keep copy of registry from the last start... With WINDOWS XP SP2, the backup folder is 27 M
  2. Hi, If my system don't boot after manually tweaking the registry, how can I restore the registry saved with WRC after booting with a CDROM OS ? I know the backup is RBK file that WINRAR can open as Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00. TIA Regards.
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